We have recruited 119 schools across England to take part in this two-year trial. The aim is to evaluate how successful this approach is in improving attainment by comparing RME and ‘business as usual’ teaching.

The trial is being evaluated by the Sheffield Institute of Education at Sheffield Hallam University (SHU).  As this is a Randomised Control Trial (RCT), half of the schools in the study are acting as a ‘comparison’ control group for the purposes of the evaluation. Once the evaluation is complete, these schools will have full access to the RME materials used in the trial.  Read more about RCTs here.

We are also researching the impact of our training on teachers’ practice, and working with 6 ‘Design Schools’ in order to understand more about how both teachers and students adapt to an RME approach.

CPD research

We are gathering data over the course of the training programme in order to evaluate its overall impact.  This research aims to

  • investigate the impact of RME training on teachers’ classroom experience, their beliefs about mathematics teaching, and their understanding of mathematics for teaching
  • understand processes of change in teachers’ practice as they undergo training for RME
  • understand the challenges that teachers may face in implementing RME in their school

Design Schools

We will work closely with a small number of teachers in the 6 RME Design Schools, in order to learn more about their developing practice in RME, how the training supports this, their use of the materials and how students are adapting to an RME approach. This research aims to

  • investigate the ongoing impact of training days on teachers’ practices in order to fine tune the ongoing training programme
  • investigate teachers’ changing practice over time, to understand what changes (if any) they are making to their practice, how they do this, and what the barriers/challenges to changing practice might be

RME pedagogy implies radical changes in classroom culture, and we will explore changing classroom cultures in Design Schools, and changes in students’ approaches to mathematics.