Two teachers from each intervention school are receiving specialist training in RME and will be supported to develop their practice over the two years of the trial.  The specially written materials for this trial are intended to cover 25% of the curriculum.

The topics for the five 2-week RME modules each year include content that is usually covered in Years 7 and 8:

fractions, percentages, ratio, comparing proportional quantities, unitary methods, proportional reasoning,  area of plane shapes including circles, Pythagoras Theorem,  mean, median, mode and range for non- grouped and grouped data, pictographs, bar charts, stem and leaf diagrams, pie charts, simplifying algebraic expressions, re-arranging formulae, straight line graphs, gradient and intercept

Teachers will attend 8 days of training over the two years. By the end of the programme we hope that they will be confidently using RME materials and will be able to extend the approach to their overall mathematics teaching.

Currently the classroom and training materials are only available to intervention school teachers. Following the end of the trial (Autumn 2020) they will be made freely available for all via this website.