About the current trial:

Where can I find materials and findings resulting from the RME trial?

The original RME trial was scheduled to end in Summer 2020. Given the impact of COVID-19, the trial has been extended to Spring 2021. The project will now share materials, via this  in Summer 2021 and research findings will be available following that.

My school is not part of the RME project, how can I sign up?

We’re sorry, the project has now begun and we are no longer recruiting to the trial, but all schools will be able to access the teaching materials once the trial is over, in Summer 2021.

Why a Randomised Controlled Trial?

A randomised controlled trial (or RCT) is a trial which aims to avoid the possibility that differences observed when we intervene are due to characteristics of the site of intervention (for example, prior attainment) rather than the intervention itself. In this trial, schools applying to join were randomly allocated in pairs, one to the group receiving the intervention and the other to the control group receiving normal practice. The different comparison groups allow researchers to determine any effects of the intervention when compared with the control group.

Read more about RCTs here.

My child is part of the intervention – what should I expect, and how can I support them?

You may have a number of questions about RME and how it works.  We have collected these together on our page for parents/carers.