Photo: Yvette Solomon

Yvette Solomon

Yvette is Professor of Education at MMU, and has been researching in mathematics education for over thirty years.  She is interested in the relationship between how students learn mathematics and teachers’ pedagogic practice, and has managed projects on teacher education, student inquiry in design challenges, and classroom interaction.

Most recently, she has worked with Sue and Steve on the impact of RME in post-16 GCSE resit classrooms, where the RME approach made a real difference not just to students’ understanding but also their engagement with mathematics.

Photo: Sue Hough

Sue Hough

Sue is a senior lecturer in Mathematics education at MMU, after working in secondary schools for 18 years. She has managed a number of projects relating to the use of approaches based upon the Dutch approach called Realistic Mathematics Education (RME) in UK schools and is a co-author of the ‘Making Sense of Maths’ series of books. Sue has most recently led a Nuffield funded project studying the effect of using RME based approaches with Post 16 GCSE resit students.

Photo: Steve Gough

Steve Gough

Steve has 20 years of experience working in secondary schools in a variety of roles. He has been a member of senior leadership teams and he was head of mathematics for 10 years. As a teacher researcher, he worked on a number of initiatives with MMU and, in 2008, he joined the mathematics team at MMU on a permanent basis. Since 2004, he has worked extensively on the development of a classroom approach to learning mathematics based upon Realistic Mathematics Education (RME).

Photo: Vinay Kathotia

Vinay Kathotia

In April 2018, Vinay joined the Realistic Mathematics Education (RME) team as Senior Research Associate. He is excited about RME as it weaves together ‘making maths meaningful’ and ‘making meaning with maths’. Most recently, Vinay worked at Cambridge Mathematics, helping ‘map’ the learning and use of number. Previously, he taught at Harris Academy Battersea, an inner-city comprehensive school, and has also headed the mathematics education programmes at the Nuffield Foundation and the Royal Institution.

Photo: Jo Kennedy

Jo Kennedy

Jo is a senior lecturer in Mathematics education at Manchester Metropolitan University. She worked for twenty years in secondary education experiencing a variety of roles.

Jo became interested in Realistic Maths Education (RME) when she joined MMU and was involved in research for the RME projects led by Sue Hough. She visited participating schools, observed lessons and interviewed both learners and teachers.

She is excited to be part of the new KS3 project working with the experienced team to deliver high quality professional development using her knowledge and skills as a mathematics teacher and educator.

Photo: Kate O’Brien

Kate O’Brien

Kate is Research Assistant on the RME project. She is also currently engaged in her own doctoral research at MMU, which mingles the aesthetic practices of mathematicians with the mathematical practices of fibre artists.

Kate is trained as an artist and mathematician. Although she hails from the USA, the place where RME was first used in an English-language setting, she only learned about this approach to mathematics education through her work at MMU. She is excited to participate in this project, which asks what happens when mathematics curriculum is opened up to real world contexts and exploratory questions.

Photo: Fiona Haniak-Cockerham

Fiona Haniak-Cockerham

Fiona worked for 12 years in a range of secondary schools in the Manchester area and progressed to the role of Assistant Headteacher before joining the secondary mathematics team at Manchester Metropolitan University in 2008. Since joining MMU she has taken a particular interest in different methods of teacher training and has been involved in a variety of pilot programmes, most recently iTeach and the University schools model.

She also works with A-level teachers in a variety of secondary schools to develop their mathematics pedagogy on the ‘Teaching Advanced Mathematics’ course.  Fiona is a trainer in the current RME trial.

Marisa Bartoli

Marisa is Director of Mathematics for the Laurus Trust and first adopted Realistic Mathematics Education fourteen years ago.  She has used this kind of approach with both KS3 and KS4, and has introduced RME across her department.  She is Secondary Lead for the North West 1 Maths Hub and has been involved with the Hub for four years. She visited Shanghai as part of the national mastery programme. Her role in the RME trial is as one of the trainers, with specialist expertise in current practice in classrooms.

Photo: Frank Eade

Frank Eade

Frank is a consultant in mathematics education who worked at MMU for 28 years before moving to the Cayman Islands as a Numeracy Specialist in 2011. He has been involved in a number of projects relating to the use of Realistic Mathematics Education (RME) in UK schools and is a co-author of the ‘Making Sense of Maths’ series of books. He organised the 6th International RME conference (September 2018) in the Cayman Islands.  Frank’s role in the current RME trial is materials writer and trainer.

Photo: Paul Dickinson

Paul Dickinson

Paul worked for 20 years in secondary schools in a variety of roles, before joining MMU in September 2000.  In 2004, he joined the MMU team working on the development of a classroom approach to mathematics teaching based upon Realistic Maths Education (RME), working on a number of research projects.  He has also contributed to our programme of CPD for teachers, and is a co-author of the Making Sense of Maths books published by Hodder. His role in the current trial is materials writer.