Contributors to this site

A number of people have contributed to the materials on this site.

The writing team who have produced the modules are Sue Hough, Steve Gough, Marisa Bartoli, Jo Kennedy, Frank Eade and Paul Dickinson. They have been supported by the editing team – Kate O’Brien, Vinay Kathotia and Yvette Solomon.  Other contributors to these materials are Fiona Haniak-Cockerham, who was part of our training team on our most recent trial; Georgina Lunt and Marisa Bartoli, who generously opened their classrooms to the cameras and contributed much thinking and many images to these pages; Julian Marshall, who video-recorded lessons and training sessions and edited vast amounts of material; and Josh Wayles, who contributed to the image work in our modules.

For individual modules, see the author and editor credits on our materials pages.

We are grateful to many other people for their influence and input into the evolution of our materials, notably Marja van den Heuvel-Panhuizen in Utrecht, and David Webb in Colorado.

Finally, our thanks are due to the many teachers and their students who have used our materials in the EEF trial and those in previous projects, and provided us with feedback.  We are especially grateful to the EEF trial teachers who invited us into their classrooms and shared their experiences with us.

Funders and supporters

Much of the work represented on this site has been undertaken as a result of external funding and support from the following bodies:

  • The Gatsby Foundation
  • Mathematics in Education and Industry
  • The Esmée Fairbairn Trust
  • The Nuffield Foundation
  • The Education Endowment Foundation

Image credits

As funding for the EEF trial originated from England’s Department for Education (DfE), our current materials are Crown Copyright and the bulk of the materials are released under the UK’s Open Government Licence (OGL). In practice this means that the materials are freely usable.

A number of images though (and some mathematical content) have pre-existing copyrights and, while freely usable for learning, these are not available to be re-purposed (under the OGL). Details about such restricted-use images are listed at the end of the powerpoint for each module.