Explaining our thinking isn’t always easy.

Students may sometimes struggle to verbalise their thinking, but demonstrating their ideas with gesture or drawing can be just as good in contributing to discussion. It might also lead to strategies that students carry on using. In the long run, attempts to articulate contribute to a deeper understanding of concepts and connections.

On this page, we focus on how students approach a version of the pricing jewellery activities in module G1 and a comparison task embedded in the context of choosing tiles for a bathroom floor.

First, here is Abi, explaining what she did to work out the price of the triangular piece:

Here Katie explains a different strategy:

Finally, Louis explains his strategy for finding the price of the same piece:

In these examples, we see how the students use gesture and drawing to supplement their explanations.  In the next video, we see Louis again.  Notice his use of gesture and movement to help him explain how he works out the measurements of the tiles: